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Poesieveneziane Blog Marzo sebastiano
28 April 2020
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Video Shoot in Venice – COINCIDENCE

There was no doubt about the fact that we at PoesieVeneziane would have chosen for the launch of the models for the Spring / Summer ’21 season. Venice, the lagoon city, without any need for imaginative installations, lends itself to this purpose. The majesty of Piazza San Marco naturally gives itself to the eyes and cameras as it has always done over time. The eternal artistic union of man with the water element where urbanization prevails. A sort of cinematic journey that passes through some models of both men’s and women’s footwear. We like to create something fascinating and we love the sense of happiness that the lagoon can offer us as it prepares for the winter season. It is our philosophy, the driving force behind the whole project.

Not so Far Away

Poesieveneziane Blog Marzo

Holding on for Our customers

These first days of lockdown is still incomprehensible. The rumors are running but it does not seem that anyone is really perceiving the truthful reality about the present and the future.
What does it mean to be stopped, what must be done, what will happen next and therefore, what must be done today? We have just spent months devoting ourselves to the development of an entire new winter collection (FW20), but the uncertainty and fear caused by the pandemic have stolen the possibility of presenting our creations as we used to do, between fashion weeks and fairs. international. Now we have a decision to make, what to do for the next collection? We should invest resources and a lot of time to risk not being able to present ourselves again, or maybe we should only partially revisit the 2020 summer collection, which in any case does not seem to be really exploited in any case to the maximum, so as to reduce risks and instead be able to contain costs and invest the resources to finance the business?


But to answer a question that finds us so unprepared as never before, it is necessary to self-analyze, to understand ourselves. These days it is distance that we are most perceiving and accusing, distance from our customers, from our collaborators and suppliers. But our desire to express ourselves and move forward facing as always what is presented to us does not stop there, perhaps it is scratched at first, in some way, but today we have made an important choice. Our future Spring / Summer 2021 collection will consist entirely of novelties.
So why such a drastic decision? Because the answer came from within us, because even if the world stops a bit, we are made of life, and when emotions become even stronger, no matter if they are good or bad, it is in this moment that we feel even more alive, more sensitive and perhaps it is appropriate to say, inspired by what we feel inside of us. It is exactly a time when we all want to express ourselves, to say or show what we think, feel and experience. And then, what world would it be and what would become of us if we all diminished or abandoned our creativity? Then yes it would be a very sad world.