Poesie Veneziane sustainability project was launched in February 2018. The research began by exploring the vast world of conventional and sustainable materials used in fashion, with the aim of understanding their impact on the environment.

We have identified many potential sustainable raw materials that have the ability to replace what we call “conventional materials”, however only a few today have met the requirements to actually replace materials such as polyester, polyurethane (used to create soles and synthetic yarns) and leather.

The 2-year research and development project led to the creation of a shoe based on natural fibers that combines the most advanced technologies in sustainable fashion and the best of Made in Italy.

Our philosophy and the focus of the project is the elimination of the use of plastic, chemicals, fibers and synthetic components. We have avoided the use of recycled plastic as it is a chemical based product that undergoes a highly polluting production process as such.

The final product is a shoe made from 97% natural fibers, aiming for 100% production with vegetable materials by 2020

The upper is composed of vegetable materials based on natural fibers of pineapple leaves (80%) and polylactic acid (20%). We chose these materials because they are sustainable, ethical, waterproof and vegan.

The inner sole is composed of various layers of 100% natural fibers: composed of corn, kenaf, wool, vegetable latex foam, linen, cotton and natural rubber.

The outer sole is composed of only natural rubber deriving from the rubber tree, an excellent material for durability and to minimize the shock of tendons and bones.

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