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Join this unique giveaway for a chance to with $500 of our Poesie Veneziane shoes! It’s not a simple emotionless promotion, so let us tell you the story. It all started from our core values and missions to empower self-love and self-expression through design. We are all equal individuals made of our inner and outer

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Loafers FOREVER LOVE – Loafers are a kind of shoe that when they enter into a woman’s, or man’s, wardrobe, they make their way in each season. Worn bare in summer or with socks during the colder months.The silhouette offers a balance between a ballerina, a boot, and a slip-on shoe. All this, with more

Lights Up When thinking about Spring and Summer, there is no doubt that light is the main protagonist. Light that, after these dark and cold months, especially in this precarious period in our life, starts to shine through the clouds and lights up the world around us. Light means the birth of life and nature

Video Shoot in Venice – COINCIDENCE There was no doubt about the fact that we at PoesieVeneziane would have chosen for the launch of the models for the Spring / Summer ’21 season. Venice, the lagoon city, without any need for imaginative installations, lends itself to this purpose. The majesty of Piazza San Marco naturally

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Not so Far Away

Holding on for Our customers These first days of lockdown is still incomprehensible. The rumors are running but it does not seem that anyone is really perceiving the truthful reality about the present and the future.What does it mean to be stopped, what must be done, what will happen next and therefore, what must be