PoesieVeneziane – Spring/Summer’ 21 Photo Shooting

Lights Up

When thinking about Spring and Summer, there is no doubt that light is the main protagonist. Light that, after these dark and cold months, especially in this precarious period in our life, starts to shine through the clouds and lights up the world around us. Light means the birth of life and nature as we know it, inspiring a sense of happiness and calmness that can restore hope and faith. Without any filter, light serves its purpose without any pretense, without any mask.

This year at PoesieVeneziane, for the Spring/Summer ’21 collection, we decided to incorporate daylight in our shooting. We were able to create unique and magical plays only with a window, some party curtains and mirrors to reflect the shine and expand the brightness in the whole studio. We relied on the help of a talented team to bring our vision for the new collection to life, with breathtaking results.Thanks to light, our shoes can tell their own story, and hopefully people will listen.