Where do we as designers, gather inspiration when we create our shoes?

When we design silhouettes, we like to take inspiration from everything that surrounds us: from the dynamism of life, to the movement of cities, from the harmony of nature to the creativity of people and the spontaneous conversations between them.

We love any form or expression of art, from design to music, from painting to dance and we often practice them to deep even more.

We’re carried away by diversity and emotions, even if contrasting, from moments of peace and quiet to impulses of frustration and fire.

We are not simply influenced, but we always want to add something of our own, an imaginative, creative and modern touch. If we look back at the past, we try to understand it as much as possible by immersing ourselves into the creator’s mind, to then re-draw it, making it contemporary and innovative, so that becomes unique and ours.

We are constantly changing and growing, we do not have a fixed identity, anchored to certain parameters, we like to experiment, create new samples, have new incitements, generating new ideas and new projects. We test ourselves every day, trying to meet the latest trends, needs and expectations of each woman.

We do not aim for perfection, but for the attention and care of the individual details that characterize the design, helping and valorizing the great proficiency of craftsmanship Made in Italy. We define and redefine every nuance and every detail until the product is completely finished.

Thus, we test new materials, new techniques, new shapes and combine different designs, different ideas, different insights so that everything we work on is unique and exclusive.

We are moving in new directions and working more and more in sustainability. For us, respect and protection of nature and everything around us is fundamental. In fact, we made a shoe in 100% vegetable fibers.