Sebastiano Conte


Sebastiano holds 10-years international experience in fashion and events. Before joining Poesie Veneziane, he worked and studied in London, where he graduated with an MSc in Creativity, Design & Innovation from Cass Business School and a diploma in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins.


Gabriele holds 40-years experience in the footwear industry. Before setting up Poesie Veneziane, he collaborated in designing and developing the collections of a myriad of Italian manufacturers and international brands.

A passion for detail
Since 2013, Poesie Veneziane has been creating contemporary designs inspired by the present, past and future. Our name expresses our infinite passion for creative expression and our deep and intimate connection with Venice and its surroundings. We combine unique designs with the savoir-faire of timeless Italian craftsmanship, offering quality footwear. The imaginative shapes of our creations and the comfort of our models allow women from all over the world to embark on a magical daily journey of personal expression and self-discovery.
A Powerful Language
We believe that fashion is a powerful language: romantic, rebellious, elegant and mysterious, just like a woman's personality. We believe in details and innovative silhouettes. Our creation process is a continuous cycle of research and development of new profiles and ideas, even the most classic of our models are characterized by their personal uniqueness. We believe in comfort and accessibility. Our commitment is to offer our customers high quality.